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Vincent Veri, Senior Web Developer at Pixelfabrica

Long, 3rd Person

Vincent Veri is the Senior Web Developer at Pixelfabrica, where he develops websites and web applications. He is a portrait and sport photographer.

He loves embracing new technologies, that's why he changed his blog from Jekyll to Next.js. He spends a lot of time reading programming, business and art books. He cannot live without spending time at the gym.

Long, 1st Person

Hey, I'm Vincent. I'm a Python web developer at Pixelfabrica, where I love to develop websites and web apps. I'm a JavaScript enthusiastic and I'm currently learning Next.js.

I'm reading "Cracking the coding interview" to master some important topics about algorithms, Big O notation, data structures and more.

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Another interesting book is Aditya Y. Bhargava's "Algoritmi spiegati in modo facile", that also explains sorting algorithms, recursion, hash tables with simple drawings and various examples.

I'm always building something on the side. When the pandemic started, I found myself wanting to learn Python language.

As a second job I take sports and portrait photos. I really love interacting with people. I'm currently working on a shopping platform based on PrestaShop, where people can buy my photos.


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This site

This site is created using Next.js and the layout is based on the Lee Robinson' blog.

The CSS framework I used is Tailwind CSS.

Cities I visited

  • Rome
  • Berlin
  • Paris
  • Budapest
  • London
  • Manila
  • Florence
  • Milan
  • Bologna
  • Turin
  • Amsterdam
  • Bruxelles